always entertaining! loves dancers, all kinds of dancers! We produce and/or book dancers for all types of corporate, casino and other types of special events! Most of our talent resides in Las Vegas, though we have relationships with many specialty groups around the country. Please remember, not all we have to offer is on this site. Here are some great examples of dancers that we produce and/or book!


some ideas…

  • Party Over Here! CrewParty Over Here! Crews of six (6) to ignite your event. Our Party Over Here! Crews of free-style dancers dress colorfully edgy and street, and are placed in empty event room, nightclub, general session venues or “other”, prior to doors opening. When the room starts to fill, the Party Over Here! Crews are already showing off and dancing to great tunes creating the party atmosphere as the guests enter in the aisles (carpet fine). No guest enters an empty non-exciting situation. The guests often dance with them, or at least as they walk by them!

    Once most of the guests are seated (if this is the case for a general session), the fun keeps going with encouragement from our Party Over Here! Crews. They are vocal about who has the best party in the room going! The guests love the challenge and back them up with line dances, the wave, the wobble or dance grooves even when seated! Great IMAG opportunities when our Party Over Here! Crews are in the house. Once your speaker or act takes the stage, your audience is already warmed up! We brand the colors of the crews to your specifications.

  • Flash Mobs Infinite amount of ways to produce a flash mob. Can do difficult choreography, or keep it easy to encourage by-standers to participate. Your guests will feel that they are part of something extraordinary.

  • Go Go Dancers We have many, many different types of costume for our talent to wear as the Go Go Dancers add energy to any situation. Las Vegas has turned Go Go Dancing into an art, and we are happy to provide these Go Go Dancer artists!

    Hi Tech GoGos!Blue Fringe GoGo Dancer & Showgirl!Love Girls!
  • Choreographed Routines Normally 3-4 minutes in length, we have produced many, many different types of dance presentations. Let us welcome your guests with “Viva Las Vegas” or “Party Rock Anthem” and everything in between! We have also provided dancers to open for or back celebrity talent for their live Las Vegas Shows and/or television specials.

  • Production Numbers & Shows Most of the shows we produce contain a strong dancer component. Look under the “shows” area of our site to see more examples.